Forest School in Snaresbrook, East London is the host of 5 annual concerts organised by the Woodford Concert Society. I performed there on the 3rd of March, on a Sunday afternoon and it was the first time I visited the area and the school. The day was unusually sunny and it made for a pleasant trip to the other side of London.

The school was founded in 1834 and is located in a large campus. The school has a large music department and I was told that the Steinway D piano was donated to them by Vladimir Ashkenazy who has also given a masterclass in the past for the pupils of the Forest School.

The Recital Hall is a vast room with wooden floors and wooden panel walls decorated with large portraits, prompting people to call it a Harry Potter style hall. The chairman of the music society, Michael Gammie gave a comprehensive introduction to the programme prior to the concert and it was very enjoyable listening to him from behind the stage door.

Woodford Concert Society