Last night I performed at the Remusica Festival in Prishtina, my hometown. It was so great to go back to Kosovo and although I was hoping for some sun, this has not happened yet.

It has been a while since I last played in Kosovo, the last time was actually at the very same festival two years ago. For those living in Kosovo it must be difficult to see things improving from day to day, but I am pleased to notice great changes in the cultural scene since the last time I was here.  Although, still with no dedicated concert hall, the guys at the Swiss Diamond Hotel in the centre of Prishtina have been allowing cultural organisations to use their main hall for concerts. The piano is much better and I wish I could credit the donors, but I’m not sure who exactly donated them. Also, now guests have to pay a modest fee for tickets.

In the concert I played a varied programme of Bartok, Debussy, Mark Kacinari, Cage and Liszt and after being dragged back on stage for another half a dozen times, I performed as an encore a piece by Barber and Chopin.

It’s always nice to perform at a festival, to be a part of this ‘community’; and playing in your hometown with your family in the audience is the cherry on the cake!



Remusica Festival in Prishtina