Day after my concert at St Saviour’s in Chalk Farm

Last night I played at St Saviour’s, which is a church in Chalk Farm right by the tube station.

This place is not known to many as a concert venue, but thanks to its vicar Paul Nicholsohn (a very fine harpsichord player in the previous life), it has started occasionally staging concerts.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in London; it replaced the whole month of drenching rain and made my going back to St Saviour’s really pleasant. Not least for the fact that for the first time in months I felt like the audience wasn’t sitting there and thinking ‘poor girl must be freezing’. I remember months ago I was in the green room before the performance and a lady happened to waltz in by mistake and looked at my sleeveless dress and said ’You’re going to be so cold performing like that’ and I said ‘oh, don’t worry about me, I’m starting with a Prokofiev, I’ll be fine in 2 minutes, but what about you guys sitting there for the whole hour?’

Today London’s back to its usual self, cold and rainy, but that only adds to the charm of sitting in the pub on a Monday afternoon.